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Tesoro Ministry Foundation - Charity

Through GlobalLife Outreach our organization provides; finances, food, clothing, medical supplies, and other lifesaving help to people of all faiths and religious backgrounds around the world.

GlobalLife’s yearly outreaches have provided lifesaving assistance to many people. Individuals have been impacted by our outreaches in the following locations: Hawaii, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Japan, and Australia.

Through our financial support of other organizations we have impacted the lives of individuals throughout Africa, Asia, South America, and Israel. On several occasions GlobalLife has sent funds to help alleviate the suffering of poor Israelis, help those who have lost family members in terrorist attacks, and help to prevent future attacks.

During former outreaches we have helped Jews escape religious persecution in the former Soviet Union countries they lived; and helped them to relocate to their ancestral homeland of Israel. We have also helped Jewish families in Israel who have lost loved ones due to terrorist attacks; and gave finances to provide six months of food to a group of starving orphans, and elderly living in former Soviet Union countries.

Charities and Community Outreaches we have supported:

CHP 11-99 Foundation, USO, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund… 

Thank you for your continued support of this organization.


Prayer & Counseling

Anthony & Ashley Tesoro provide prayer and ministerial counseling for individuals and families.


Guest Appearances

Anthony & Ashley Tesoro speak at churches, Bible studies, and conferences both nationally and internationally.


Financial Aid

Through GlobalLife Outreach, Tesoro Ministry Foundation provides financial assistance during times of hardship.


Human Rights

Tesoro Ministry Foundation supports peoples of all faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs.


Emergency Aid

Tesoro Ministry Foundation provides emergency relief in nations around the globe. Lives throughout North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia have been impacted by this organization’s outreaches.

Clothing Food
Shelter Medical Supplies