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  • 2023- Congratulations to Ashley who won the “Mrs. Universe” title in July! Through her title she attends and sings at many charity events including helping veterans and underprivileged children. Ashley & Anthony also started the “Las Vegas Bible Study,” An outreach for those in the community seeking support and faith based inspiration and teaching. They continue to help those in need in many avenues, and have also been involved at “Peace Way Christian Center” as well serving as part of the prayer team and support for the congregation.
  • 2022- In August 2022 Ashley was crowned “Mrs. Nevada International” and will compete for the “Mrs. International” title. Anthony and Ashley have had the opportunity to partner with several organizations this year bringing the Gospel and help to those in need. They have been working with “First Choice Pregnancy Services” and “Living Grace Homes.” These are two organizations that help pregnant Mothers in need. They help to provide necessities, free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, counseling, housing and alternative options such as adoption for Mothers who are abortion minded and believe they have no other option.

    They are educators and heroes to these pregnant women that would otherwise have no help. As an ambassador for these organizations they have been involved in many aspects of these charities including volunteering at their facilities, speaking, and Ashley lending her singing voice to their biggest fundraising events of the year.

    They’ve also lent their hand to many other charities including; Las Vegas Rescue Farm, Shade Tree, Victoria’s Voice, the Burn Foundation, Henderson Police Department, Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, and many more!

  • 2020 & 2021- 2020 was a trying time for our nation. The Tesoro’s send their love and encouragement your way for 2021! Ashley was blessed to win the Mrs. Nevada- America title in August 2020 & will compete now for Mrs. America! Throughout the year 2020 & into 2021 Anthony and Ashley have done many charitable works including giving and working with; Shade Tree (domestic violence outreach), the Giving Store (outreach to the community in need in Southern Nevada), Three Square (feeding the hungry), Salvation Army, the Las Vegas Farm (neglected and abused animals), Samaritan’s Purse, Toys for Tots, the Henderson Police Department, the Lake Mead Christian Academy & the Burn Foundation. They also continue to work with families and individuals providing prayer & ministerial counseling; giving hope and kindness to those in need. Click here to view the newest webisode of Life is for Living TV.

Prayer & Counseling

Anthony & Ashley Tesoro provide prayer and ministerial counseling for individuals and families.


Guest Appearances

Anthony & Ashley Tesoro speak at churches, Bible studies, and conferences both nationally and internationally.


Financial Aid

Through GlobalLife Outreach, Tesoro Ministry Foundation provides financial assistance during times of hardship.


Human Rights

Tesoro Ministry Foundation supports peoples of all faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs.


Emergency Aid

Tesoro Ministry Foundation provides emergency relief in nations around the globe. Lives throughout North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia have been impacted by this organization’s outreaches.

Clothing Food
Shelter Medical Supplies